Top Links for Tuesday
IG is showing more ads and Snapchat leak reveals upgraded messaging experience #SMCurrent
1 Instagram Is Showing You a Lot More Ads Than It Used To
You haven’t been imagining it — Instagram is showing you more ads
2 Snapchat Leak Reveals An Upgraded Messaging Experience With Audio & Video Calling
A number of new features have been spotted within the existing code for Snapchat’s mobile app
3 3 Possibles Benefits of a 10,000 – Character Twitter Limit
When reports indicated that Twitter was moving forward with plans
4 Seven Tips for Generating Social Content Through Influencers
Influencer marketing was the “it” marketing tactic of 2015
5 Use More GIFs to Boost Customer Engagement This Year
GIFs are making a comeback as engaging and fun marketing tools. So, this year, be sure to include them in your marketing plans
6 The Power of Nostalgia: How to Use #TBT for Marketing
Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook feeds are flooded with old photos: baby pics, family …
7 How to Improve Your Social Media Ad Performance
There’s no denying that social ad spending is on the rise. In fact, according to eMarketer, …