Top Links for Monday
Facebook Messenger monetization, NYFW, Twitter Polls, and Yelp+Sprinklr make for a busy Monday!
1 Yelp Offers Full Reviews Database To Social Monitoring Tool Sprinklr
Company sees the deal as way to show the value of Yelp to brands.
2 Why Do UGC Ads Perform Better than Brand Generated Ads
Unless you’ve been out of the social game for a while, you have no doubt seen an increase of …
3 The Definitive Guide to Twitter Polls
Everything you’ve wanted to know but have (maybe) been afraid to ask.
4 Facebook plans to put ads inside Messenger, report says
Facebook may be looking at new ways to monetize Messenger.
5 How YouTube’s Translation Features Can Globalize Your Brand
According to YouTube, over 60% of the platforms video views come from outside the native country of …
6 How New York Fashion Week unfolded on Twitter
Highlights of the best moments from
7 Do Native Snapchat Stars Really Exist?
by Cyrene Q A recent article from makes a bold claim that “one place you …