Top Links for Monday
Twitter staying firm at 140? Video ads on Pinterest? TweetDeck for Windows no more? These & other burning Qs answered:
1 Twitter keeping 140-character limit on tweets after all
So much for Twitter being home to the next Great American Novel
2 Algorithmic feeds force us to compete
 Is that photo pretty enough? Is that tweet funny enough? If not, they might not be seen now …
3 Twitter killing off TweetDeck app for Windows
Twitter is killing the TweetDeck app for Windows, the pro Twitter client that it bought five years ago
4 How the Pope Can Conquer Instagram
Motherboard asked Gabrielle Zigi, digital marketing director at brand consultant agency Firebrand Group, to come up with some Instagram tips for His Holiness.
5 How to Use Emoji in Your Marketing Vocabulary
Emoji are a growing part of the marketing vocabulary. Here are some tips on how to use emoji in your…
6 Report: Video ads are coming to Pinterest
Pinterest is testing video ads to a small subset of users.
7 9 YouTube channels that will make you smarter about social justice