Top Links for Tuesday
Twitter is still king when it comes to social media news. That and customization, Snapchat, and Lands’ End on @smcurrent
1 Snapchat Just Hired One of the Founders of Facebook’s $1 Billion Ad Network
Sriram Krishnan, a key executive on Facebook’s mobile product team, is leaving to join Snapchat’s growth and revenue team
2 DiCaprio’s Oscar Win Sets New Twitter Record
Sorry, Ellen DeGeneres, but Leo’s award for Best Actor beat out your famous group selfie for the …
3 Facebook Is Becoming Less Like a Newspaper … and More Like Cable News
Facebook’s News Feed long functioned as a sort of personalized newspaper
4 How J.K. Rowling uses the Internet to keep the magic of ‘Harry Potter’ alive
5 How to Customize Slack for Social Media Teams
Is more than one person involved with your social media marketing? Are you looking for a way to …
6 How to Optimize Your Team Structure for Social Media Success
The many paths to achieving strong social media game are unique for every client. When we’re …
7 Lands’ End in Crisis: What They Should Have Done
Lands’ End is in deep water after highlighting Gloria Steinem in their new Legends series. Here is what they should have done instead.