Top Links for Sunday
Snapchat eats up Bitmoji, Google tries to out-Echo Amazon, Facebook’s safety check bugs out, and more:
1 Snapchat reportedly acquires Bitmoji maker Bitstrips for $100 million
 Fortune is reporting that Snapchat, the ephemeral messaging platform that has today become the…
2 Facebook’s Safety Check Feature Backfires
Facebook Asks Users Far From Pakistan if They Are in Harm’s Way
3 Study: Email Marketing Is Gaining Momentum Among Millennials
In the very crowded and competitive marketing landscape, many marketers get worked up…
4 Report: Google working on its own version of Amazon Echo
If the device is released, one question is how it would handle search results and whether it would …
5 Olapic acquires Piqora to grow its relationship with Pinterest
The photo-management vendor bought the social marketing and analytics provider for an undisclosed amount
6 Less than 1% of users are keeping the entire mobile game industry afloat
A new report is highlighting that risk, showing that almost half of all the revenue generated in mobile gaming comes from just 0.19 percent of users.
7 Do employees hold the keys to Customer Experience?
Guest post by Gib Bassett (@gibbassett), “Companies will invest in …