Top Links for Tuesday
Burberry joins Snapchat Discover and has FB removed the 20% rule? All of this + more on @smcurrent
1 Burberry becomes the first luxury brand to sponsor a Snapchat Discover channel
Burberry has secured a prominent spot on Snapchat today
2 Facebook Scraps 20 Percent Text Rule On Pages’ Cover Images
Facebook appears to have quietly scrapped its rule
3 Why the NFL on Facebook wasn’t going to work
Facebook withdrew a bid to carry Thursday NFL games, because the way it would have had to handle commercials
4 Here’s How Many People Are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
In many ways, the monthly active user count is the most important number in tech
5 All digital growth now coming from mobile usage — comScore
A new report from comScore uses a veritable mountain of data to expose and explain the …
6 The Silent Landing Page Conversion Killer (And How to Stop It)
Good copywriting is all about countering your prospects’ objections — but what happens when …
7 How to Optimize Your Mobile Social Media Ads
Are you trying to reach an on-the-go social media audience? Are your ads optimized for mobile users?…