Top Links for Wednesday
Happy Hump Day! Lots of news with Promoted Pins & Facebook Instant Articles @smcurrent
1 Do-it-yourself Promoted Pins, now open to all SMBs
Over the last year and a half, tens of thousands of businesses have used the Pinterest Ads Manager to create, manage and track the success of their Promoted Pins
2 Fixing Twitter
How the media-juggernaut-turned-train-wreck is getting back on track after a rough two years.
3 Shorts is an insane social camera roll from the makers of Highlight
Even in an era when social networks are constantly pushing us to share more of ourselves, Paul Davison’s projects stand out for their pushiness
4 #Pinning: The State of Pinterest in 2016
As one of the token “Pinterest Experts” in the office, #pinning is a way of life. Or, …
5 6 Collaboration Tools for Social Media Marketing Teams
Do you want to improve communication with your marketing team? Looking for tools to help? …
6 How to Start Creating Facebook Instant Articles for Your Blog: Facebook and WordPress Team Up
Facebook is preparing to roll out Instant Articles to publishers —of any size, anywhere in the…
7 When You Should (and Should Not) Use Email
It’s easy in our digital age to use email and other text communication to deliver any and all messages, but is it appropriate? Gini Dietrich has more.