Top Links for Tuesday
The first quarter results are in and Twitter and Yahoo both are sent reeling. That and some great how-tos in @smcurrent
1 Instagram Launching New Video Carousel Ads
What’s more lucrative than a video ad? Multiple videos in a single ad.
2 How to Create Engaging Images for Social Media: A Simple Guide For Non-Designers
A great social media marketer today and an awesome advertiser in the 1960s have much in common.
3 How to Create Unbeatable DIY Stories
Geeta Nadkarni, President and creator of Baby Got Booked! joins the Business of Story Podcast to …
4 How to Choose the Right Marketing Tactics
Do your marketing tactics align with your goals? Do they resonate with your target marketing in an …
5 3 Things You Need to Know About SEO This Year
Author: Nate Dame
6 Twitter’s dysfunctional Wall Street relationship
 Twitter’s stock is cratering this week following its earnings report on Tuesday, …
7 Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will receive nearly $55 million if terminated
The severance package was probably negotiated when Mayer was hired.