Top Links for Tuesday
Messenger Codes are here. Do you have yours? Plus, 5 Ways you business can use Facebook Live. @smcurrent
1 Vine Introduces Watch Button So You Can Relax And Enjoy All Videos On Your Favorite Channels
Vine has announced a new feature in its app, which will allow users to watch all videos on their favorite channels.
2 Facebook promises not to use its product to influence the US presidential election
Despite some not-so-subtle political jabs from CEO Mark Zuckerberg
3 How to optimize your content for each step of the buyer’s journey
How how do you turn a disinterested prospect into a committed customer? Columnist Daniel Faggella …
4 Facebook sends a loud message about Messenger bots, but will we hear it?
 Every time there is a conference where we get saturated coverage from a given company, we tend…
5 Messenger Codes For Brands Are Here, And They’re Awesome
Last week Facebook announced Messenger Codes, these new scannable (snapchat-like) codes that let …
6 5 Ways Your Business Can Use Facebook Live
Have you started brainstorming ways your business can use Facebook Live?
7 149 Marketing Acronyms that Every Online Marketer Needs to Know
Ever been on social media, or reading an article when an acronym crosses your path that you …