Top Links for Monday
Snapchat & Medium updates, Coca-Cola gets trolled, becoming an influencer, and much, much more @smcurrent
1 How To Be A Snapchat Influencer As Told By Snapchat Influencers
Shaun Ayala here, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from many of my friends on Snapchat …
2 Trolls hijack Coca-Cola’s new ad campaign with ‘diabeetus’ GIFs
Time and again, we see legacy brands attempting to court millennials online with hashtag-centric
3 How Facebook tracks and profits from voters in a $10bn US election
If you lived in north-east Iowa, the evangelical stronghold where the battle for the soul of conservative American politics will play out in person on Monday
4 Snapchat update makes it a lot easier to add new friends
Snapchat just added a new feature that goes a long way toward solving one of the app’s more annoying features
5 Medium Integrates With Twitter And Launches New Features
Medium, the popular blog publishing platform has just debuted some exciting updates. In its latest …
6 Your Content Isn’t as Influential as You Think It Is
According to a new study, the influence content marketers have over customers’ purchase decisions is…
7 How to Use Google Analytics to Help Shape Your Marketing Strategy
If you’re not familiar with Google Analytics, it can be a little daunting at first. With so …