Top Links for Thursday
IG tests a monochromatic design & 10 must know FB ad tips/features… all of this + more on @smcurrent
1 What’s behind the Facebook surge?
Facebook continued to leave its competitors in the dust
2 Instagram tests a monochromatic redesign
The iconic blue would go away in favor of black and white.
3 Facebook Is Making Groups Way More Useful
Most of the Groups that I belong to on Facebook are ones that I joined in college
4 Facebook Announces New Partners for Advert Viewability Verification
Advertisers on any advertising channel always want to know that their adverts are being seen, and …
5 3 Ways to Create Branded Content That Isn’t Noise
It’s 8:42 am. So far today, I have consumed five news articles, three blog posts, and scanned …
6 10 Must-Know Facebook Ads Tips & Features
It’s no secret that paid social is drastically on the rise. Social advertising spend jumped …
7 7 reasons your Instagram Ads aren’t converting
Are your Instagram Ads a flop? Columnist and Bitly senior content strategist Blaise Lucey explains …