Top Links for Monday
Obama’s SXSW keynote, Spotify+Facebook Messenger, and more on @smcurrent
1 Obama uses SXSW keynote to encourage using tech to take back democracy
He urged attendees to utilize technology and innovation as a way to encourage civic engagement
2 Instagram Social Shopping App For iOS Launched By In/Spree
Social shopping is an important trend, but no social network has really integrated seamless …
3 You can now share Spotify music inside of Facebook Messenger
The new feature allows people to share playlists and songs with friends inside of conversations on Messenger.
4 How Top Companies Use GIFs on Twitter
Twitter’s #GIFParty produced great examples of how clever brands can use GIFs to drive social media …
5 Kodak tries its hand at social with new “Kodak Moments” storytelling app
 The saying “Kodak Moment” is a holdover from another era where camera owners had …
6 Marketing’s True North: Align Your Marketing Around Your Mission
Author: Chris Savage
7 How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube
Anyone who has ever experienced the joy of watching an old childhood video, or watching a clip of …