Top Links for Tuesday
Facebook fine tunes it’s Newsfeed algorithm yet again. WhatsApp gets bigger #SMCurrent
1 Facebook News Feed Algorithm Tweak: High Ratings and Likely Engagement
Facebook’s constant fine-tuning of its News Feed took another step forward with Monday’s announcement
2 Why You Still Need Comments
Despite the controversy surrounding comments, the feature is actually an essential part of your site’s success, especially as an online publisher.
3 Why Mobile First Is Outdated
For a number of years now, we’ve been hit over the head time and again with “mobile first” and “mobile only”.
4 WhatsApp passes 1 billion monthly active users
WhatsApp has joined a growing club of services that can now count having more than 1 billion monthly active users
5 Working Late? Here Are 21 Tips to Make Your Nights More Productive
6 Instagram Contests: Tools and Tips for Marketers
Do you want to increase engagement on Instagram? Have you thought about Instagram contests? …
7 2016 Facebook Marketing: What You Must Know To Succeed
Do you have a 2016 Facebook marketing strategy? Based on 4Q2015 results, 7 targeted 2016 Facebook …