Top Links for Wednesday
The big social networks continue to evolve and keep us on our toes. News out of FB, Twitter, and Pinterest @smcurrent
1 Facebook Messenger facial recognition continues roll out
Now, when you take a photo with friends, Facebook will help deliver it
2 Twitter board shake up
A big shake-up at Twitter to add more diversity to its board.
3 How to Overcome Objections to Get Your Company to Invest in B2B Inbound Marketing
4 How to Make Better Facebook Video Ads
Have you tried Facebook video ads? Looking for better ways to connect with your Facebook audience? …
5 How to Promote Your eBook With Social Media
Do you have an ebook that needs exposure? Want tips to promote your ebooks via social media? Social …
6 Pinterest Now Lets You Search For Images Within Images
Pinterest is probably the best platform to discover new and interesting visual content, …
7 The #pitchPRomise: Evolve Your Media Relations Efforts
The media relations world has evolved from paper copies of media lists and phone calls. But with …