Top Links for Tuesday
It’s the beginning of Lent and we want to know…are you giving up Facebook? That and more this Hump Day via @smcurrent
1 Facebook as the New Chocolate
In honor of the start of Lent today, we wonder…should you give up Facebook for 40 days?
2 Clinton, Sanders Fine Tune Social Media for New Hampshire
New Hampshire voters are notorious for 11th hour decisions and the Democratic candidates are taking advantage.
3 Timing Is Everything: Twitter Unveils First View Ads, Videos At The Top Of Your Timeline
 Twitter has been in the spotlight for the past several days over allegedly imminent …
4 How To Outsource More Marketing To Your Customers
As a marketer in 2016 there’s no doubt you’ve read your share of articles about creating…
5 How To Gain Content Marketing Efficiencies
Creating great content takes work and like it or not, there isn’t much you can do to change …
6 How to Add and Manage Multiple Accounts on Instagram
Instagram has now released one of its most requested features.
7 The Pros and Cons of the Best Super Bowl Ads
We have the three best Super Bowl ads of 2016 and discuss the pros and cons of each. Hint: Going …