Top Links for Wednesday – Oct 28, 2015
Though we are all wrapped up in social media, email still rules the web. Take a look!
1 Triggered Email: The Killer Conversion App
Marketers have been using “spray and pray” tactics for decades. The email equivalents …
2 Twitter’s Promoted Moments For The Creed Movie
Twitter rolled out its first paid-for “Moment” on Sunday, promoting the Rocky reboot “Creed” and giving advertisers a first look at what the new ad unit can offer.
3 Facebook continues to make the experience better
4 Twitter Unveils A New Set Of Brand-Centric Analytics
Twitter is expanding its analytics product with the launch of what it’s calling the Twitter Brand Hub.
5 Albert Einstein truly is a genius!
6 Is Blab the Savior of Podcasting and Online Radio
Podcasting is on fire, with listenership soaring, and the number of podcasts multiplying like …
7 The Complete Buffer Guide to Social Media Success: A 10-Day Email Course to Boost Your Results
Anyone is capable of mastering social media marketing.