Top Links for Monday
Are longer tweets better and audible launched a channel for podcasts all on @smcurrent!
1 5 Content Distribution Metrics Your Marketing Team Should Be Obsessing Over
Output is seductive. It feels great to crank out lots of content and call your strategy a success.
2 Luka, with $4.42 million in Series A, releases AI-powered chat bots
Just in time for the chat bot craze, Startup Battlefield alum Luka
3 Confirmed: Facebook rolling out new mobile search filters on iOS
Facebook appears to be rolling out a new set of mobile search filters today that let users refine results by date, location and/or source
4 Are longer tweets better tweets?
Twitter has decided not to extend tweet lengths beyond the current 140-character limit. But would it matter if it did?
5 What does it mean that Audible launched a channel for Podcasts?
Well, not exactly. But consider Audible’s long-awaited announcement that they are entering podcasting with their new Channels service
6 Litsy is a book-focused social network that goes beyond reviews
 If you’re a book lover, Litsy might be the social app for you. The startup was …
7 NEW Pinterest Targeting Reveals (Major) #Shopping Intent | Psychographic Hot House
You may have heard the rumors, and it turns out they’re true! Pinterest targeting now packs a …