Top Links for Monday
More Instagram logo backlash, YouTube’s messenger move, .blog domains and much more! @smcurrent
1 Why did Instagram change its logo now?
2 Pinterest Targeting Reach AMPED! 4 SMART Tactics | Psychographic Hot House
Four data-driven tactics to increase Pinterest ad reach with SMART keyword targeting.
3 3 Hidden Neuroscience Tricks Behind Instagram’s New Logo
While some feel Instagram’s new logo design is a step in the wrong direction, the neuro-design at …
4 360 Photos Are Coming To Your Facebook News Feed
Up until now there hasn’t really been much use for panorama photos – you know, the ones …
5 Google paying lucky Arizonans just to drive around
6 Automattic to offer .blog domain names, WordPress not required
New top-level domain will open for registrations later this year. Pricing not announced yet.
7 Why Instagram’s new icon and black and white design suck